What is TrReg?
Welcome to TRREG .tr domain registration office. We provide domain registrations in the .tr namespace for international customers. Our services include domain registration, domain name dispute resolutions and local presence solutions for international customers.

TRREG provides services to many different organizations and countries worldwide, directly or through brand protection companies. Our clients include some of the Fortune500 companies, very popular web sites and many entrepreneurs worldwide.

Legal entities established worldwide can apply for domain names in Turkey. There is no practical limit to the number of the domain names that an entity can register. The legal entities must provide required documentation to register the domain names. Second level domain names ( i.e. com.tr, gen.tr, info.tr, biz.tr) can be registered. Each second level domain has different rules and regulations.


Domain name extensions in Turkey available for international entities include .com.tr, .org.tr, net.tr, .gen.tr, web.tr, info.tr, biz.tr, tel.tr

Our company also handles domain name registrations and transfers in the .tr namespace. We also provide other services. Our web site is going to launch in 2008.

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